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Rapid - Objective - Standardized Semen Analysis Solutions... Remember, it ALL Started with a Sperm!

SQA-VISION | The Ultimate Sperm Quality Analyzer
     Manual and Automated Semen Analysis Solutions       SQA-V GOLD | The Analyzer That Started It All

The new SQA-VISION is a blend of updated technology, flexibility and standardization developed through a decade of research and development. Depending on how semen analysis is conducted in your laboratory, the Vision can be set-up to operate in a wide range of modes - from routine screening to intensive IVF preparation.
  Semen Analysis is difficult by manual estimation. Medical Electronic Systems leads the world in Automated Sperm Quality Analyzers and related testing kits designed to increase accuracy and precision. Standardize your automated or manual semen analysis today and report the objective results you require and deserve.   The SQA-V GOLD is a user friendly high performance sperm analysis system used to test male fertility. It combines electro-optics, computer algorithms and video microscopy to provide a precise and accurate 75 second automated semen analysis. The system is in use at thousands of facilities around the world.

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